Top Ten Worst Movies of 2016

“It’s taken me some time, but I finally have them. The worst of the worst.” Is ironically a quote from one of the films on this list, yes folks it is time for the main event, my top ten worst movies of 2016. Note before we begin, I did not see every movie released this year and also some of these films I don’t exactly hate, but compared to some of the other films I’ve seen this year they’re pretty bad and definitely not without problems.

So sit back, relax and lets start with number 10…

10. Warcraft


Personally, I pretty liked Warcraft to a degree. I felt like, while the story was bare bones and I felt more of a connection to the CGI orcs than the actual human, it was still a pretty fun ride while it happened. It’s clear Duncan Jones has a passion for the World of Warcraft (see what I did there) but in practice this film is very bland and without the sometimes brilliant special effects and it’s pre-established universe this would honestly be just another generic Fantasy movie. Maybe next time, video game movies, maybe next time.

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9. War Dogs


It was okay. A decently funny movie with a good soundtrack War Dogs kind of just came and went for me without leaving much of a shame really because it’s not really a bad movie in all honesty and the premise is pretty interesting, it’s just forgettable.

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8. Ghostbusters


I for one didn’t actually mind the new Ghostbusters and personally thought that the four main leads as well as Chris Hemsworth were actually pretty damn good, it’s just everything else that was the problem. A horribly unnecessary with just dreadfully cringy cameos and a whole host of poor editing, directing and writing issues really held this film down from being as good as it should have been. Paul Feig really dropped the ball on this one and would’ve been the worst thing about it had Fall Out Boy not done a horrendous remake to the classic song.

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7. The Girl on the Train


It’s pretty much trying to be Gone Girl and sadly failing at every hurdle.

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6. 13 Hours


Micheal Bay’s take on the 2011 Benghazi attacks is about as Micheal Bay as you can get without it being a transformers movie. In a movie that could’ve been a good luck at what went wrong instead focuses on a bunch of soldiers fighting for survival in the most Micheal Bay way possible.

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5. Dad’s Army


With an original cast who are mostly dead and a new one that doesn’t fill the same shoes, Dad’s Army is about 30 years too late. A good attempt at recreating the British classic but it feels like it was written by people who’d never seen it, basing everything on their catchphrases.

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4. Suicide Squad


This was just a mess, after the bombshell that was Batman v Superman, Warner Brothers had 4 months to try and sway our opinions and make Suicide Squad great and they failed miserably. A laughable villain, a tediously slow first and a soundtrack that basically feels like whoever put it together was like “Well Guardians of the Galaxy was popular” without thinking of if any of the songs fit, this move was simply a disaster.

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3. The Accountant


Very bland, the accountant to me felt like a movie and that’s it. The story didn’t seem to carry any weight it just played, finished and then I left never to think about it again.

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2. X-men Apocalypse


“At least We Can All Agree The Third One Is Always The Worst” and again the film wrote the review for me. After loving Days of Future Past I really had high hopes for this one and they absolutely blew it, simple as.

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1. Ben-Hur


Just, no.

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