Goodbye Odeon Printworks

Well as of posting this status, the ODEON at the Printworks has closed as we know it. With the final, 10pm showing of Alien Covenant being both mine, and everyone else’s last time at the cinema. I usually avoid writing statuses or talking about myself, especially as I get all sentimental about random stuff like a cinema closing, but I want to talk about it.

As many of you know, I love film. I don’t know how to truly express it but something about the art of cinema just gets to me, it’s why I want to go into making them in the future and to me nothing is better than seeing a film in the cinema. Something about it just seems so warm and safe, no matter how bad life gets, no matter where I am I can always go to a cinema and it’ll feel familiar to me.

I have been going to the ODEON Printworks for years now and I’ve had so many great memories there that I feel like sharing with you while I have this opportunity:

I’ve spent my last two birthdays here, with one of those even being my big milestone 18th. While most people would probably spend theirs drinking the night away, I spent mine watching The Martian with Toreh and Georgie in the Gallery (gallery being the fancy over 18 section with unlimited popcorn and a bar). This also made me start up my blog, which while uni got in the way of my regular posts for now, I still write on and share with you guys to this day.

While I’m still unsure if I did actually spend my first date here, I definitely spent some of my best when I dated Rowena. Aside from seeing La La Land with her I also went with her to see Moana in the Gallery for her birthday surprise last year.

Hell, I also went here with my Dad after finding out I had a chance at getting into uni after ringing clearing for an animation interview at Salford, going to William Hulmes to see if I’d still have a place next year. I went to see Suicide Squad when I had to run back to Manchester for a bit in the middle of band camp.

I also, stupidly, went here after my first major hangover. I wanted to get the free Fantastic Beasts book they were giving away and despite suffering and wanting to throw up I persevered and only ran to the bathroom once which was impressive for me.

It’s not all been great memories though, I saw Paranormal activity here and had to take an hour long walk after just for a breather. As well as seeing Fant4stic earlier in the year, but luckily I got in 2 for £10 so I didn’t have to pay a lot for that crap.

Finally, going further back, this was where my love of film first blossomed in what I called “the hobbit years”. Despite those friendships ending ages ago, this was the time where I first realised I had friends. It was when I first started going to the cinema on my own and with friends, it’s also when I first started seeing as many films as I do now in a year. I especially remember going to see The LEGO Movie here on the preview weekends so that I could get the freebie minifigures with Callum and Joel.

Even though the cinema’s going to re-open as a VUE in 10 days, it’s not going to be the same. Hopefully the VUE doesn’t mess up the IMAX (it’s one of the only proper 70mm screens in the country) and keeps the Gallery in some form or another.

So I just want to say its been a good ride Odeon, thanks for the memories.


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