So I have no idea how to do an about me which isn’t the usual “Oh hi I’m Chris, blah, blah blah”. So since this is a film blog here’s a thing I wrote trying verbalize why I love film.


Why I love film


It’s the feeling of joy,

When earth angel picks up

George kisses Leverne

And Marty sees his job is done


It’s the feeling of sadness

When the furnace approached

The toys held hands

And accepted their impending doom


It’s the feeling of hope

When Nasa and China combine

Starman blasts out

And you knew Watney was safe


It’s the feeling of hopelessness

When Bilbo’s far from home

At the end of the line

And sticking around to see his friends through


It’s the feeling of excitement

When the falcon flies through

Anakin is redeemed

And the Empire is destroyed


It’s the feeling of Terror

When the cup vibrates

Heroes are separated

And the T-rex roars in the rain


It’s the scope of Middle Earth

The wide eyed wonder of Star Wars

The adventure of Indiana Jones

And the imagination of Inside out


It’s the films that we love

The ones that we hate

That make us laugh

And cry


Film is an experience

One that we’ve all shared

Even if you’ve never realised

There’s always that one.


And if not

Then it’s calling to you

You just have to find it


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